From the recording Songs In The Great Turning



Music and Lyric by
McKinley Williams

True trace of Western blood and lust before your eyes
from big Montana
Big Sky Montana
and the Belgian Congo
by way of North Carolina
You'd love for me to breathe
some awful tribal lore
stretch native skin
frost bitten then
Dismiss your sins
to justify your whims
Well you're after hopeful consolation
Cause it's a brighter road that I'm takin'

I've paid my dues
I'm through with you
So long Madison Avenue.

You want some "black magic"
a tune that's dark and tragic
a gospel roll
a workman's toll
some rock n' roll to soothe a savage soul
Long time a slave in your schools
learned only "white boy's rules"
to win your medals
your wares to pedal
Like many other fools
my life used for a tool
and that ain't cool!
But now I understand your system
And who knows?
Maybe this time you might listen

(same as first)

I've seen your super greed
tryin' to fill our empty eyes
your magazines, sleek black limousines
the movie screen and the god damned T.V. screen
You know I'd run away
to the deepest junglehood
if they'd accept me
intercept me
and then transform me
and somehow re-inform me
'cause I'd really like to know
Well I'm tired of being your tarnished emblem
for you my friend this message
I go sendin'

(with ad lib...out)

© Dangling Man Publishing Company 2002/2010/2017