From the recording Songs In The Great Turning



Music and Lyric by
McKinley Williams

When I close my eyes I feel your touch
though you're far away in someone's arms and I'm alone
Just another broken poem that's lost his way in these strange uncertain days

When I close my eyes I see a place
as children we would roam amid the flowers...where did they go?
A man must search the seasons of his soul and travel roads unknown
if his heart is beating so

And yes, my heart it goes on beating
as each new road brings deeper meaning
into this lonely poet's journey
I find release
I've found a peace
I never thought I'd come to own

When I close my eyes I hear a voice
that calls across the oceans of my dreams
and guides each step that I take
in this journey of the heart--
the meaning of my life is
becoming so clear
for me to see
just what can be
when I close my eyes

© Dangling Man Publishing Company 2002/2010/2017