From the recording Songs In The Great Turning



Music and Lyric by
McKinley Williams

Traveling alone
a long way from home
Seems like a long way to go

But soon I'll be there
can feel it in the air...
getting closer to the land I know

Take me back
into your arms
I need to feel your warm embrace...
the loving touch you give

This much I know
These battles for gold
have left my stranded and cold...
so cold

Out on that ledge
life on the edge
and so afraid of letting go

Miles and miles of darkness between us
Maybe some light on that horizon will redeem us
I'm hoping that you're still there
to greet me...when I reach there

Take me back
into your arms
These winds of change...
are blowing me home again

© Dangling Man Publishing Company 2002/2010/2017