1. Forever

From the recording Songs In The Great Turning



Music and Lyric by
McKinley Williams
Portland, Oregon

I'm yours/
What are you gonna do
now that I can't live without you?
For you, my sweet baby, I would do anything/
'Cause my baby, you are all I see/
And I'll love you...

Forever, forever, forever my love
Forever, forever/
I'll love you forever, my love/

It's June
and we could be at the park/
But I'm alone in the dark
with the dream of your touch/
Oh why, tell me why
must I wait so patiently?
Come take care of me
"Cause I miss you much too much/
And I'll want you...

CHORUS: (same as first)

while the city is fast asleep/
You're in my dreams so deep
and we can't go wrong/
Then why, tell me why am I alone today?
Call right away, 'cause you know
I love you...and I'll love you

CHORUS: (same as first with ad lib to end)

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